sexta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2013

My Make up

Hey guys! sorry for not being posting anything but I've been really busy with college, yeah it already started... yeaiih! Today I'm going to show you my make up. A big part of my products are from sephora! btw tomorrow I'm going to make an earlier birthday dinner with my friends (my b-day it's only on 13th january but since it's a sunday and I have college on monday I decided that I will spend midnight with my close friends and have some fun). 
My make up routine:
First I start by putting liquid foundation with the foundation brush to make my face look more "smothie and clean". Then I apply my powder with the bigger brush to make all the shiny parts in my face disappear. After that, I will define my eyebrows and put some bronzer in my cheeck bones to look more skinnear and define my bone structure. Then I put some blush, rimel and eyeshadow and it's done!
hope you like it! 

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