sexta-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2013

Blogs that I read!

Hey girls! today I've decided that I would make a post with the blogs that I read! since it's a really requested question/topic! I prefer to read Norwegians blogs! I think they are really creative, cute, interesting and inspiring! I still like the american, english, portuguese and swedish blogs it's just that I prefer these ones!
what blogs do you read?
annijor - andreabadendyck - bennysriddle - Annais - auroramohns - krisssy
fanny lyckman - cath na cidade - fannyba - LivingDoll - adriennee - Woss
 explodir - amandaones - betinabf - carolinecf - johannean - matholck
n0sse - juliesama - tom Julsrud - Haawt - Julho marie dahl - theereseee - ssbk - bianca

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