domingo, 9 de setembro de 2012

Questions Of The Week #1

What do you use to edit your photos?
Picasa3, Pixlr and Photoscape.

Do You Have A Tumblr?

      you can find it here

what's your height?

What Are You're Favorite Stores?
Zara, Forever 21, Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, Lanidor,Bik Bok, Gina Tricot, New Look, Primark and much more.

Do You Make Any Sport?
Yes, I Do Gymnastics Rythmics

What blogs do you read?

     aurora mohn- erica kmav- caroline maria- mathilde holk- Therese- ragnhild fredrikke- johanne andersson- Vilat- kaja- julie sorensen- marlene nygard- martine pedersen- krisssy- kanzas- heddanaess- annais

what countries have you visited?
Spain (Barcelona, Sevilla and Vigo), France (Paris), United Kingdom (London), Denmark, and I'm still waiting to go to NYC.

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