sexta-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2013

Youtube Experience

hello girls! today I'm going to talk about YOUTUBE! That's right! I've been loving watching beauty gurus for the past 2 years. And I tought about creating one for a long time but I never got the guns to do it, because I'm very shy! and plus I dind't have any "tools " to do it!
Now that I have the essentials, I finally decided to do my first video! Right now I'm still very uncomfortable around the camera but I think with the years, that will pass! so here it is! Hope you like it! And Tell Me Your Opinion!  

I'm back Bitches!!

Hello guys! so I'm finally back on track! My life is crazy right now! I've been so busy with school! But I have to find a little bit of time to write for my lovely followers right?!
I'm a little bit disconnected right now! so if you could help me... Tell me what do you want to see in my blog! I'm open to suggestions :p 
Now I'm going to leave you with my ootd! 

sweater: Zara|| shorts: Zara|| bag: Parfois|| gold watch: Parfois
Do you like it?

domingo, 4 de agosto de 2013

Summer Outfit #1

Hey Guys! Finally, I started my vocations in Vilamoura, for me is one of the best destination of Portugal in the summer time. In this place everithing is perfect, really, we have all we need in our holidays, beach, pubs, beautiful people and viwes, the weather and so much more. 

So, this was my outfit of last nigth. I tried to look for a casual chic look. Has you can see I choose a basic top (ZARA), a pair of blue trousers (ZARA) and a beautiful light brown bag (Parfois) to finish up this look. 

Enjoy it

quinta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2013

Rihanna Concert

Hey Guys! So, other concert that happened in May of this year was the concert of the Bad Girl.riri This concert happened to be two days after the One Direction concert, therefore the expectation was higher! I was so confident that it would be an amazing concert, because c’amon it’s Rihanna, the queen of the shows.
Our view for the stage was so privileged; we were in the cabins of the pavilion. So, after the opening act (two dj’s from Miami) the time passed and nothing happened. It took maybe 2 to 3 hours but finally Rihanna took the stage.

Sincerely, I expected so much more. I loved this girl: her songs, her “swag”, her performances....and in the end, I don’t know, I guess I was a little disappointed with the concert, I think I expected more of her, I know that is not comparable, but in relation to the 1D concert, in my opinion the boys were so much better. The entire show was amazing and until I saw them I wasn't a fan. But itis just my opinion. However, it was a good show! Just not what I expected.

Oh I almost forgot to mention that her outfits were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
Now I will show you some pictures of the concert!

Enjoy it!

terça-feira, 30 de julho de 2013

Run Bitch Run

Hey Guys! Summer came back, so that means we have to Workout and get in shape for that cute bikini and I'm not an exception! A few weeks ago my sister and I bought a pair of Nike Freee Run and in this moment they are our bestfriends to work hard! they're amazing! when you tried them on it's like walking in a cloud!
if you want to know what workouts we do just let us know !

Enjoy it!

sexta-feira, 26 de julho de 2013

Maybe, the Best Concert Ever!

Hey guys! Now we are back with our blog after some months without news.

So, we start with the One Direction concert! In May of this year 1D came to Portugal to perform in the MEO Arena in Lisbon. It was one of the best concerts of our lives! When we arrived to the place of the concert, Jesus, there was so much people. They shouted, they sang the songs of the band, they jumped, everything that you can imagine. But nevertheless, this was the spirit lived in that moment. So amazing and crazy!

When the concert started, OMG, we have no words to describe that moment. We waited so much time for that, that was like a dream come true. So when they entered all the fans went wild. They are all so cute and gorgeous, that it's impossible to remain indifferent. They gave an amazing concert, spectacular voices and the harmony between them.

Now, we'll show you some photos from the concert.
Enjoy it!

segunda-feira, 18 de março de 2013

Popsicles Toturial

Hey guys! I'm on vacations ( finally! )... So today I'm going to teach you the easiest popsicle recipe! Probably all of you guys know how to do it, but for the ones who don't know here it is: 1rst- choose your favorite fruits and then cut them into little pieces; 2nd-put all the fruit into a cup, add some water, put it on the refrigerator and voillat! your healthy but yummi popsicles is ready to go Let me know if you tried it? or if you liked it?