quinta-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2012


Hey guys, today we went to baixa, chiado with some friends to do some christmas shoppin'. we passed by H&M, Zara, Gant, Blanco and last but not least Starbucks (yummy!!! you have no ideia how much I love #caramelfrap).I've to share with you my epic fail: My sister asked for a glass of water and insted of giving her those plastic cups they gave her starbucks cups and As some of you guys may know I love Starbucks cups!( and of course I had to get one) so I asked the lady: Can you give me a cup? and she was like: A cup? and then I said: A cup...of water of course! lol
Anyways... before that we went to el corte ingles and for the first time we bought macarons ( we usually buy only 1 or 2 because they are so expensive! but this time we got this little box with 12 macarons for an amazing deal and let me tell: they were delicious!! 
It was an amazing afternoon!!

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