sábado, 24 de novembro de 2012

fashion shower

 This is Rita, the next greatest hit on the fashion world. She has a brand called Fashion Shower. Rita's still in the beggining of her carrer, but she's doing a great job and I bet she's going far!

This is fashion shower's bag! I personally love this one because it's different from anybody else and plus it's a paper bag not a plastic one( I hate these bags because they make an annoying noise).
 She asked some of her friends to make a "photoshoot" with her t-shirt and here's the result:

 She even asked Santa!
and now it's my turn... you can now see  the rest of my photoshoot with my friends on her page... I will put the link bellow
I will now show you some of her designs:
if want to know more about this new brand go to her facebook page here and put one like!
let me know what do you guys think!

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